updated: 02/03/2009

robot & android makeups: Hyperdrive

Hard to believe that the BBC touted this – supposed comedy – as being in the vein of Red Dwarf. The BBC’s ‘other’ science-fiction series was launched a year after the regeneration of Doctor Who: one was a model of how to do it right and the other an object lesson in how to produce absolute dross. With Hyperdrive, the only rationale, and discernable objective, appears to have been to do it on the cheap; somehow it survived for two seasons despite having almost nothing going for it.

Sandstrom (Petra Massey) is a prototype enhanced human with a cyborg interface needed to ensure the HMS Camden Lock keeps functioning. She agreed to have her body and mind modified in exchange for the Space Force paying off her student loan, assuming the offer would not be made if the procedure was not safe. Her personality was then overwritten and she functions much like an android; she suffered somewhat more than a ‘slight deterioration of social skills’. Appropriately for the role Petra Massey is both an actress, and a physical theatre performer.

Davy Jones was creature & makeup designer; Mike Stringer of HybridFX was creature designer.