updated: 09/10/2006

robot & android makeups: Red Dwarf

In the episode ‘Camille’ Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) meets another mechanoid, Camille (Judy Pascoe), and falls in love. But all, and particularly Camille, is not as it seems: Camille is actually a pleasure-GELF, a green featureless blob, which takes on the appearance desired by the observer.

A promising episode until they tried to parody Casablanca (‘We’ll always have Parrot’s’) and rather a nice robot: a full-head prosthetic makeup to match Kryten’s. Unfortunately the other versions of Camille were played by different actresses and I’ve been unable to find any reasonable images of Judy Pascoe (Robert Llewellyn’s real-life partner).

Andria Pennell was credited as makeup designer, but as most of her credits are hair styling or design I doubt she was responsible for Camille. If anyone can clarify the credits for Camille’s makeup and prosthetics, please themakeupgallery.