updated: 03/07/2009

robot & android makeups: Austin Powers 2

Sex obsessed 1960s British secret agent Austin Powers is enjoying his honeymoon with his wife, the former Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley), when he discovers that Vanessa has been replaced by one of Dr Evil’s fembots; the fembot attempts to kill Austin – giving ‘pokies’ a whole new meaning – before self-destructing. eventually self-destructs. Austin Powers proceeds to celebrate being single again – such a nice guy.

At least we learned the real reason for all those wooden Elizabeth Hurley ‘performances’ – she really is a fembot.

Patty York was the makeup department head; Cheryl Ann Nick was the key makeup artist; Christopher Nelson was responsible for the Fembot prosthetic FX; Michele Burke was supervising makeup designer (Austin Powers, Dr Evil & Mini-Me); the Stan Winston Studio was responsible for the Fat Bastard makeup.