gender-bending: CSI: NY ‘Identity Crisis’


CSI: New York ‘Identity Crisis’

After an old man gets on to a subway train carrying a cigar box a drunk staggers over and starts to argue with him, forcing him to get off at the next stop. Moments later the old man is dead on the platform. When the CSI team arrives they discover that he isn’t an old man at all – the victim was actually a young woman.

A fingerprint on the cigar box turns out to belong to a dead con-man name, Quincy Willis, and the victim turns out to be his daughter Sabrina Willis (Laurie Fortier) who had followed in her father’s footsteps.

Laurie Fortier spoke about the role:

And I had the opportunity of a lifetime to play an 80 year-old man in an upcoming episode of ‘CSI NY’ … In the episode I play a con artist whose disguise required me to be in prosthetic makeup for six hours a day for three days!

The makeup

Perri Sorel was the makeup department head.

Glenn Hetrick (Optic Nerve now Alchemy Studios) was the special makeup effects designer and supervisor. This makeup was applied by Richard Redlefsen & Stevie Bettles using prosthetics provided by Optic Nerve.