gender-bending: Saiyûki (aka Monkey Magic)


Saiyûki (aka Monkey Magic)

Journey to the West, also often known simply as Monkey, is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature and was originally published anonymously in the 1590s during the Ming Dynasty. It was inspired by the autobiography of Xuán Zàng, a Chinese Buddhist monk, scholar, traveler who was famous for his seventeen year overland journey to India in the seventh century.

Xuán Zàng was born in 602 or 603 CE. He became a Buddhist monk at thirteen and was ordained at the age of twenty. He travelled throughout China in search of sacred books of Buddhism and became concerned about the incomplete and misinterpreted nature of the Buddhist scriptures that had reached China. Hence his epic journey to India to retrieve the Buddhist scriptures for China.

Monkey Magic was a wonderful TV series following the adventures of the young monk Tripitaka – a traditional honorific for a Buddhist monk – and his disciples Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy on their journey from China. In return for their help defeating various monsters and demons who tried to obtain immortality by eating Tripitaka’s flesh the disciples would receive enlightenment and forgiveness for their sins once the journey was completed.

Xuán Zàng or Tripitaka was played by Japanese actress Masako Natsume wearing a bald-cap.

The makeup

I have no information on the makeup credits for this series: if anyone can help, please email themakeupgallery.