gender-bending: Entourage ‘Sorry, Harvey’


Entourage ‘Sorry, Harvey’

Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase tries to schmooze the Mayor of Beverly Hills into annexing a condo into 90210 territory. As part of his efforts he manages to hook the mayor up with a hottie called Anika (Natasha Alam).

A bouncer gives Chase some bad news about Anika but the mayor seems quite happy.

Unfortunately, there was a paparazzi filming the mayor escorting Anika to his car and the following morning a very revealing video of Anika is posted on TMZ.

The makeup

Vera Yurtchuk was the makeup department head; Robert Rapport was the key makeup artist.

I wasn’t sure whether this was achieved with prosthetics or CGI but Natasha Alam said:

To make it realistic, they strapped a pair of prosthetic balls on me. I had to readjust my walk – it’s different when you have something in between your legs!

I don’t know who was responsible for Natasha’s appendage – if anyone can help, please email themakeupgallery.