updated: 05/07/2010

transgendered: Grijpstra & de Gier

This detective series ran for five seasons, starting in 2004, on Dutch television and featured a pair of detectives (Henk Grijpstra & Rinus de Gier).

I understand that most episodes started with the discovery of a body. In the episode ‘Ladykiller’ the victim, Laura Mitchell (Cyrille van Hoof), turned out to be a pre-op transsexual but I don’t know whether the victim was seen alive in flashbacks.

Rob Hillenbrink (Rob’s Propshop) created the special makeup effects for the series and I’d guess that transforming this young actress into a pre-op transsexual was one of the more unusual. I’m grateful to Rob for allowing me to use these images – and apologise to him that it has taken so long to get this section up and running and to be able to use them.