gender-bending: transsexual characters


Various transsexual characters

Featuring actresses who have played transsexual characters in movies or TV shows.

In a few cases it is unclear whether the actress is playing a transvestite (a cross-dressing male character) or a transgender character (usually MtF). No offence is intended if a character is wrongly classified

The movies

Dance Flick (2009): Featuring Amy Sedaris as Ms Cameltoé. Coming soon …

Click (2005): after one of his ‘time outs’ Michael Newman returns to the office to learn that Alice (Rachel Dratch) has transitioned to Alan. Ann Pala was makeup department head; Kathleen Freeman was key makeup artist; Rick Baker was, of course, responsible for the incredible age makeups in the movie.

Soapdish (1991): Featuring Cathy Moriarty as Montana Moorehead. Coming soon …