hairless: Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me

The Little Britain team parodies one of these documentaries showing the life of an airport through the eyes of the staff working there, and the passengers passing through. In one episode a bald Anna Friel arrives having left a personal item (her wig) on the plane; Moses Beacon, Executive Passenger Liaison, tries to help but none of the wigs in lost property are quite right.

The series was remade in The Netherlands as Zie Zie Vliegen; it featured a virtually identical senario with Astrid Joosten – right down to the types of wig available.

The makeup

Lisa Cavalli-Green was the hair & makeup designer; Nicola Coleman & Lucy Sibbick were the makeup artists; Mark Coulier was the prosthetic makeup designer; Victoria Bancroft & Duncan Jarman were the prosthetic makeup artists.

I do not have makeup credits for Zie Zie Vliegen.