updated: 01/07/2009

illness: Dirty Filthy Love

A man’s life and marriage falls apart as a result of his affliction with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Tourette’s Syndrome. His doctor thinks he is clinically depressed and treats him with drugs which don’t help. Then he meets Charlotte (Shirley Henderson), who suffers from OCD and alopecia. She runs an OCD support group to which Mark is invited. She clearly not only understands him, would be a better match for him than his wife ever was. However, he’s determined to put his marriage back together and reclaim his job – a plan which only serves to worsen his condition. His life descends into despair and squalor – hence the title. But by the end of the film he realises that Charlotte is the only one who can save him from himself.

Karen Hartley was the hair & makeup designer.