Hairless: alopecia & other illnesses

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Hairless makeups: Alopecia & other illnesses

Featuring actresses who have played characters suffering hairloss caused by alopecia and other illnesses, including radiation sickness.

This is usually achieved through the use of makeup and bald-caps but there are cases were actresses have shaved their heads – and eyebrows – to achieve the look as Angelique Little did for Hairless.

It’s not that unusual for an actress to appear bald with a bald-cap but a surprising number of actresses have undergone a transformation that goes beyond makeup and had their heads shaved bald to portray a hairless character. This is a transformation into character that goes beyond makeup. It may take four hours to have prosthetics applied; the makeup may be uncomfortable; the only food over a fifteen-hour day may come through a straw; an actress may not even be able to go to the toilet without help while wearing hand or body prosthetics – but, and it is a great big but, at the end of the day the makeup comes off!