hairless: Serce miłości

Serce miłości

Zuzanna Bartoszek is a Polish poet, artist and model. She suffers from three autoimmune diseases: atopic dermatitis, Hashimoto’s, and generalised alopecia, which cause hair loss, including eyebrows and eyelashes. Serce miłości is a film about her relationship with musician Wojtek Bąkowski, made with their support.

In the film Bartoszek is played by Justyna Wasilewska: to prepare for the role, Justyna Wasilewska shaved not only her head, but also her eyebrows and trimmed her eyelashes.

The makeup

Olga Nejbauer was the key makeup artist; Honorata Godlewska was the makeup artist; Magdalena Kakietek, Olga Węgłowska, & Małgorzata Andrzejewska were the makeup assistants.