hairless: The C Word

The C Word

In 2008 28-year old magazine editor Lisa Lynch discovers a lump on her breast. It is confirmed to be cancer but is operable, and she also undergoes chemotherapy, resulting in hair loss. Referring to the illness as ‘The Bullsh*t’ Lisa starts an online journal, which she calls ‘Alright Tit’, writing about the cancer wittily and with no self-pity. Her friends encouraged her to turn into a public blog, which became so successful that it was turned into a book, The C Word, which was published in 2010.

In 2009 she was given the all clear but the cancer returned in 2011 and she died in 2013. Despite her illness worked closely with the BBC on the film adaptation until she died.

Sheridan Smith shaved both her head and her eyebrows for the role.

The makeup

Lesley Brennan was the hair & makeup designer; Jemma Carballo was the hair & makeup supervisor.