hairless: DIY head-shaving

Nappily Ever After
Sueño de amor
Britney Ever After
Ma Ma
Braccialetti rossi
Polseres Vermelles
Heute bin ich blond
The Office
Spring Snow
Les vivants et les morts
Hay alguien ahí
Daisy Diamond
Die Drachen besiegen
Das Wahre Leben
In the Land of Women
CSI: Miami
Human Nature

Hairless makeups: DIY head-shaving

When it comes to portraying a character having their head shaved on-screen, it’s hard to fake – though it has been done as with Cameron Diaz in My Sister’s Keeper and Patricia Arquette in Human Nature – so the role usually comes with a heavy price.

It’s not that unusual for an actress to appear bald with a bald-cap but a surprising number of actresses have undergone a transformation that goes beyond makeup and had their head shaved bald to portray a hairless character.

A select band have agreed to have their transformation shown on-screen: sometimes for that extra bit of authenticity; sometimes for the money; sometimes for the publicity. A few – very few – have even agreed to shave off their own hair on-screen (usually as part of a cathartic transformation for their character) – when you think about it you realise that it is quite astounding that any actress agreed.