updated: 03/10/2006

fashionably bald: RAW FM

Created by three young people, an Australian radio station, RAW FM, provides a voice for a large and incredibly diverse group of teenagers, often ignored by mainstream media. RAW FM lives up to its name: it’s loud, anarchic, energetic, spontaneous. It’s totally raw. Or it is in the beginning. RAW takes off so much that it starts to take over. It gets big, but success comes at a price.

Sam (Sophie Heathcote) is touchy lesbian in her early twenties who thinks that humility is an overrated virtue and fear is the lowest depth of human misery. She’s managed to succeed as a dancer by relying on sheer energy, audacious sexuality and heavy-duty attitude; now she aims to tackle a new career as a singer. She comes up with a suitably outrageous look for her concert: bald and bodypainted.

Sophie also had to completely change her look, going through a number of hairstyles before adopting the bald look: ‘It began white, was blue and then red and spikey. It was a bit of a relief to whip it all off!.’

Sadly, Sophie Heathcote died in January 2006 from an aneurism: this may have been connected to her long fight against from skin cancer.

Ann-Maree Hurley was credited for makeup.