hairless characters: the ultimate sacrifice

Hairless characters: Bald or shaved – the ultimate sacrifice

It’s not that unusual for an actress to appear bald with a bald-cap but a surprising number of actresses have undergone a transformation that goes beyond makeup and had their heads shaved bald to portray a hairless character. This is a transformation into character that goes beyond makeup. It may take four hours to have prosthetics applied; the makeup may be uncomfortable; the only food over a fifteen-hour day may come through a straw; an actress may not even be able to go to the toilet without help while wearing hand or body prosthetics but – and it is a great big ‘but’ – at the end of the day the makeup comes off!

This section includes a mixture of bald-caps and bald actresses.

Over the years a number of actresses have made the ultimate sacrifice of shaving their heads. Why do they do it? I’d like to think it was for the art but mostly the films have been exploitational or the baldness/shaving a stunt. Those particularly vulnerable to the pressure seem to be young actresses attempting to make a mark or those whose career is on the slide.