hairless: various nuns

Hairless characters: Various nuns

Having a severe haircut is an occupational hazard for any actress playing a nun: and often the haircut or headshaving has been shown on-screen.

In Western movies the cutting is often simulated but in Asian movies actresses heads have quite often been shaved on-screen.

The movies & TV shows

And Once Again (2010): A traumatised man who lost his wife and son in a violent attack visits Sikkim where he encounters a female monk (Antara Mali) who bears an uncanny resemblance to his wife. I have no information on the makeup credits for this unreleased movie. Antara said:

Amol [the Director] had asked me to shave my head for the role and that was a difficult decision. I did not sleep for three days. I was in Sikkim then and I had long hair.

The L Word (2006): Featuring Tara Fynn as a nun at a Buddhist retreat.