Hairless: Dante 01

Dante 01

Deep in space, above a fiery prison planet named Dante, Dante 01, a scientific space station orbits the planet. Its inhabitants include two security guards, two scientists and six prisoners whose crimes were so severe that they volunteered to live under experimentation rather than face death penalties.

One day, a shuttle arrives with a new psychogenetist named Elisa (Linh Dan Pham) secretly authorised her to kill all the prisoners for the sake of the research.

Elisa is accompanied by a new prisoner, George, a man of unknown origins. George appears to be severely disoriented and unable to speak and tends to fall into a trance like state, staring blankly at a bright, shimmering light that only he can see.

Elisa and the station’s head researcher, Perséphone (Simona Maicanescu) are soon at odds over their research methods. And Elisa scoffs at Perséphone’s growing belief that George has strange and inexplicable powers that allow him to perform miracles.

The makeup

Stéphanie Selva was the chief makeup artist; Jean-Christophe Spadaccini & Denis Gastou were the special makeup effects artists.

The whole cast were required to have their heads shaved: those playing crew members or scientists as well as the prisoners.