hairless: brain surgery & trauma

The Resident
La Caza Monteperdido
Non è un paese per giovani
Zweimal zweites Leben
The Hollars
Hector and the Search for …
Our Family
Vanishing Waves
Criminal Minds
‘Divining Rod’
My Year Without Sex
Medium ‘… Oswaldo Castillo’
The French Guy
Saving Milly
Dawn Anna
From Hell
Home Room
Soul Survivors
Spy Kids
Mein Kind muß leben
Melrose Place
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Hairless makeups: Brain surgery & trauma

Featuring actresses who have played characters who are completely or partially bald as a result of being shaved for surgery to treat head injuries or brain illnesses

In this section there is a mixture of the appearance of baldness being achieved through makeup and bald-caps (eg Barbara Rudnik in Doppeltes Dreieck) and through actresses actually having had their heads shaved for the role (eg Elena Perino in Don’t Move and Monique van de Ven in Turkish Delight).