hairless: Non ti muovere

Non ti muovere

The role of Angela (Elena Perino) is a very small part in this movie, also known as Don’t Move, with barely one scene to establish her rebellious teenage credentials before she is injured in a motorcycle accident.

Not only did she start off looking decidedly unglamorous as a mingy teenager but she then had her head shaved to play Angela after her head injury. Thereafter, apart from some flickering eyelids, she just lies there.

Meanwhile her father, Timoteo, recalls his torrid and violent lust for, and ultimately passionate affair with, the deceased Italia (Penélope Cruz), an almost destitute, poorly-educated peasant woman from the slums.

The makeup

Maurizio Silvi was the key makeup artist; Whitney James was the personal makeup artist for Penélope Cruz; Luigi Rocchetti was the special effects makeup artist; Mauro Tamagnini was the hairstylist.