hairless: Heaven


When her husband dies of a drug overdose Philippa Paccard (Cate Blanchett) is outraged by the police’s lax investigation so she places a bomb in the dealer’s front office. Unfortunately, the bomb is collected with the trash by a cleaner who is killed, along with a father and his two young children, when the bomb explodes in a lift. Philippa is arrested as a terrorist and collapses when she learns of the consequences of her actions.

The young official translator believes in her ‘innocence’ and helps her escape. While Philippa claims not to want to escape the justice she deserves for the four innocent deaths she goes along with his plan and the pair become lovers as well as fugitives. Along the way both have their heads shaved for no apparent reason – penance, preparation for martyrdom?

The lovers fly off into the sunset – literally – but that’s okay because she didn’t mean to kill those kids and anyway she’s shaved her head. Bullshit!

Even Tom Tykwer with a Krzysztof Kieslowski screenplay can deliver dross.

The makeup

Morag Ross was the chief makeup artist; Alessandro Bertolazzi was the makeup artist; Emanuel Millar was the key hair stylist.

Waldemar Pokromski was responsible for the special makeup effects in the movie.