updated: 16/12/2005

the brides: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Maybe Helena Bonham Carter decided to extend the breadth of her period roles, or perhaps she just wanted to be near Ken: then again she does seem to keep coming back to roles involving latex and dentures. Whatever, this is a movie which proves both that not every movie starring Robert de Niro is a good one and that our Ken is just a trifle overrated. But the bride makeup and the monster makeup were very good: she really did look as if she had been roughly sewn together.

Daniel Parker was credited for creature make-up; Christine Allsopp and Paul Engelen were key makeup artists; David White and Mark Coulier were prosthetic makeup artists; Amber Sibley and Michelle Taylor were assistant prosthetic makeup artists. Besides Robert de Niro’s Monster and this makeup on Helena Bonham Carter the movie also contained a nice ageing makeup on Celia Imrie.