horror makeup: the Buffyverse – Alonna Gunn

The Buffyverse – Alonna Gunn

Alonna Gunn (Michele Kelly) was the younger sister of vampire hunter Charles Gunn and appeared in the Angel episode ‘War Zone’

Alonna had grown up fighting vampires in Los Angeles with her brother and his crew of vampire hunters. She was sired during a vampire raid on the crew’s home. Afterwards she tried to convince her brother to let her turn him, but only succeeded in getting dusted herself; when she vamped out Gunn realised that the person before him was no longer his sister.

The makeup

Special makeup effects were created by Harlow FX; Todd McIntosh was makeup supervisor.

Michele commented that there were many great things about having a part in Angel but that her least favourite was the makeup:

At first, it’s really wild to see yourself as a vamp. You are totally unrecognizable. Looking in the mirror for the first few times literally freaked me out. I felt disgusted and intrigued at the same time … Ugly and free … But after 4 or so hours in that makeup, I’m telling you, that sucker starts to ITCH!!! And the drag of it is that the makeup and prosthetics are so thick that you can’t even scratch. But compared to all the fun, I can deal.