horror: Being Human (UK): Sasha

Being Human: Sasha

In the episode ‘Type 4’ a mouthy drunk girl, Sasha (Alexandra Roach), starts ranting at Annie and follows her home from her midnight stroll. With Sasha’s rotting face,putrid smell and ability to see Annie, the housemates realise she’s no ordinary human being, but nor is she a ghost – she’s a zombie.

Annie and Mitchell learn that she has escaped from a morgue where zombies were being used in painful experiments. Though putrefying Sasha refuses to believe she is one of the undead until she freaks out her boyfriend so Annie gives her a make-over and a dead-girls night on the town before she passes over.

The makeup

Marcus Whitney was the hair & makeup designer; Neill Gorton & Rob Mayor of Millennium FX were the creature effects designers.