the dead: various ghosts

Various ghosts

Old dark houses wouldn’t be complete without at least one – not to mention at least one scantily-clad girl stupid enough to go down those stairs into that creepy cellar on her own.

The movies

Deadline (2009): Coming soon …

Hui Buh (2006): The scheming Leonora Gräfin zu Etepetete (Heike Makatsch) becomes a ghost in this adaptation of a German children’s story. Georg Korpas and Rene Stejskal were special makeup effects artists, but I’m not sure who was responsible for Heike’s makeup (which I believe was CGI-enhanced – eg eyes) – if anyone can clarify the credits, please email themakeupgallery.

The Abandoned (2006): Marie Jones (Anastasia Hille), a film producer who was adopted as a baby and sent to America, returns to her native Russia and the family farm. Once there she is haunted by her own ghost. Cliff Wallace and Alan Hedgcock of Creature Effects were special makeup effects designers; Dave Bonneywell and Anthony Parker were makeup effects artists.

Scrooged (1988): The playful Ghost of Christmas Present (Carol Kane) packed quite a punch in this reworking of Dickens’s story. Bari Dreiband-Burman was supervising makeup artist and Tom Burman was special makeup effects artist: collectively they are The Burman Studio.