the dead: La Habitación cerrada

La Habitación cerrada

A low budget Spanish horror movie.

The movie featured actress Ana Aceña looking less than her best.

The makeup

Óscar del Monte and Nacho Díaz of Plan9FX created a lovely (perhaps not the most appropriate adjective, but you know what I mean) prosthetic makeup on actress Ana Aceña for this movie.

If anyone has any images of Ana Aceña without the prosthetics, please email themakeupgallery.

Despite the budget constraints, Óscar and Nacho chose to use Silicone prosthetics for their translucent effect. The makeup consistented of three overlapping appliances: neck, chin and lower lip; upper lip and nose; and forehead and cheeks. The prosthetics were pre-coloured with a base colour to minimise the painting required and thus to help retain their transluceny. An airbrush was used to give a very light makeup and veins and wrinkles were detailed with Skin Illustrator. Ana did not wear her wig; her own hair was treated with water and glycerin to give a dirty, wet and matted appearance. Finally, she wore special white contact lenses which left her effectively blind so that she had to memorise her movements and camera positions.

The whole makeup process took some four hours.