horror: The Shining

The Shining

A recovering-alcoholic professor takes a job as a winter caretaker for a remote Colorado hotel while he tries to complete a piece of work. Unfortunately, when he and his family arrive they discovered that the hotel is haunted – and the ghosts are not friendly.

One of the apparitions encountered by his son, Daniel, is ‘the Woman in Room 217’ – definitely not a bathing beauty.

Cynthia Garris was no stranger to prosthetic makeup: she had previously been a zombie in Michael Jackson’s Thriller and an alien in Critters 2.

The makeup

Cynthia Garris had, unsurprisingly, found the Critters 2 makeup an ordeal so she commented:

When the dream role of Lady 217 came along, I was so tentative about applied makeup, I said I’d only do it if Steve Johnson’s people could come up with something very light and wearer friendly. My wonderful pal Bill Corso experimented with Saran Wrap and latex pieces here and there on my face. The result was a very comfortable makeup.