horror: It’s a Wonderful Afterlife

It’s a Wonderful Afterlife

It’s a Wonderful Life it’s not: more multicultural Serial Mom with pretensions – though to what escapes me. Whatever, to reference this cliché-ridden, ‘painfully misjudged’, leaden dross to Capra’s movie is pretty hubristic – though suffocation by naan-dough is touchingly reminiscence of a Vincent Price movie.

Mrs Sethi (Shabana Azmi), an over-protective Indian mother, is driven crazy by the difficulty of finding a husband for her over-weight daughter and resorts to serial murder, silencing – she thinks – all those who have made fun of her daughter, including Mrs Goldstein (Zoë Wanamaker). Unfortunately their ghosts come back to haunt her.

The makeup

Marese Langan was the makeup designer; Nik Williams was the chief prosthetic makeup designer; Matthew Smith was the prosthetic makeup designer; Nikkie Grimshaw & Susie O’Sullivan were the prosthetic makeup artists.

I assume the cheesy ghost makeup was a conscious choice by the filmmakers to be in keeping with the ‘light-hearted’ nature of the movie.