horror: Fido


This is what a zombie should be like – funny (Its also a great satire on 1950s America). Zombies were never scary; attempts to make scary zombie movies seem to produce just another variant of ‘splatter’ movie – as if there weren’t enough of them already. Anyway Fido was great, and I loved the look and production design too.

After a radioactive cloud blankets the Earth, the dead come back to life. When the zombies have been defeated ZomCom develops a special collar that allows them to be domesticated. Zombie servants quickly become the status symbol for suburban households.

When Timmy’s family get a zombie he calls it Fido; his father (who has zombie issues) hates it; his mother is intrigued.

Across the road Mr Theopolis has a zombie sex-slave called Tammy (Sonja Bennett).

The makeup

Connie Parker was the makeup department head; Todd Masters was responsible for the prosthetic makeup effects; Raymond E Bailey, Mike Fields, Sarah Pickersgill, Brad Proctor, Geoff Redknap, Kyla-Rose Tremblay were the special makeup effects artists; Rebeccah Delchambre was the makeup effects artist (Billy Connolly, MastersFX); Nicholas Podbrey was the special effects makeup coordinator.

Todd Masters, Nicholas Podbrey, Rebeccah Delchambre and Connie Parker won the Leo for Best Makeup in a Feature Length Drama.