horror: In the Flesh

In the Flesh

In an alternative Britain, Four years after the Zombie Rising, those sufferers of PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) who can be rehabilated are treated with Neurotriptyline and given flesh-tinted makeup and contact lenses to help them fit in. But not everybody is prepared to accept them and the HVF (Human Volunteer Force) wants to destroy them.

Amy Dyer (Emily Bevan) a PDS sufferer who died of leukaemia at age 21 and was one of the first of the Risen. Rehabilitated she retains a contagious lust for life. Disgusted by the Livings treatment of PDS Sufferers, she left Roarton to live in a ULA (Undead Liberation Army) commune.

Amy returns to Roarton in the second series Amy but finds she has more problems to contend with than Roarton’s bigotry as she develops symtoms that may indicate that she developing immunity to the drug that’s made PDS sufferers human again.

However, it turns out that she is gradually becoming Living once again. How is never revealed as she is murdered at the end of the season and the show was cancelled.

The makeup

Nadia Stacey was the makeup designer and Vicki Oulton was the makeup supervisor for Season One; Davy Jones was the makeup designer and Kathryn Newsome was the makeup supervisor for Season Two.

Emily Bevan spoke about Amy’s makeup:

… there’s always a lot of detail: around my eyes, and then my hands and my fingernails would have a lot of work, they would be a bruisey purple-y colour, and between my fingers … any part of me that was exposed was given the full PDS treatment. Davy Jones and his team did an incredible job; luckily I didn’t have to revisit my delightful ‘rabid’ makeup state this year which sent Luke and I into a hysterical state because we were so disgusting. We laughed so much. He said I looked fried! But just for day to day Amy, it’s about an hour of makeup. I really enjoy the process actually. That time in the chair gets you into a different place. And then once I got a petticoat on and some big jewellery, and my contacts were in – I did feel completely transformed into Amy Dyer.