horror: various zombies

Various zombies

Lurching along with bits dropping off – zombies are a horror staple. They can be corny, amazing, funny, or just downright shoddy.

The movies

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010): Coming soon …

Survival of the Dead (2009): ‘The unburied dead are returning to life and attacking the living to kill and eat them.’ – again! George A. Romero and the zombies return and it’s not his best effort. Janet (Kathleen Munroe) discovers that her twin sister Jane is a zombie and gets bitten in her turn. Colin Penman was the makeup department head; Gregory Nicotero was the special effects makeup consultant.

Diary of the Dead (2007): Coming soon …

Land of the Dead (2005): Number 9 (Jennifer Baxter) was one of the zombies created using facial and dental prosthetics and CGI – Number 9 presumably referred to the number on her T-shirt. KNB EFX were responsible for the special makeup effects supervised by Greg Nicotero.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller (1983): Marcea Lane was one of the zombies. I’m grateful to Marcea for the use of these images. Rick Baker was responsible for the makeup.