horror makeup: the Buffyverse – Anyanka

The Buffyverse – Anyanka

Everyone had their favourite Scooby: mine was the sometime vengeance demon Anyanka (Emma Caulfield).

Anyanka was born as the early-Medieval peasant Aud. She was human with a talent for magic. When she transformed her unfaithful husband into a troll her talents were recognised by the demon D’Hoffryn who transformed her into Anyanka the vengeance demon specialising in avenging scorned women.

In the nineteenth century, Anyanka becomes a close friend, and fierce competitor, of the vengeance demon known as Halfrek, whose specialty was avenging wronged children

Eventually Anyanka arrived in Sunnydale posing as a student named Anya Emerson in 1998 (‘The Wish’) in response to the distress of Cordelia who was upset after catching her boyfriend, Xander Harris, kissing their friend Willow. Havoc ensued when Cordelia said: ‘I wish that Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale.’who caused havoc in the episodes ‘The Wish’ and ‘Doppellgangland’.

She retired from the vengeance demon business to settle in Sunnydale as the socially-less-than-competent human Anya. Rejected by Xander on their wedding day she returned briefly to her old profession but was tormented by guilt: she became human again in ‘Selfless’ (at the cost of Halfrek’s life and soul – more guilt) where her backstory was revealed, and went on to die heroically in the final episode.

The makeup

The vampire designs evolved from concepts designs created by the Burman Studios. Until 2002 Harlow FX created the makeup effects with Todd McIntosh as makeup supervisor. Robert Hall (Almost Human) was then (seasons 6 & 7) in charge of the makeup effects with Dayne Johnson as makeup supervisor.

As you can see above, Anyanka’s demonic makeup changed significantly between her first appearance in ‘The Wish’ (season 3) and her later demonic appearance in ‘Selfless’ (season 6). Anya also appeared in aged in the episode ‘Hell’s Bells’.

Emma Caulfield described the makeup process for the demonic Anyanka as ‘claustrophobic and horrific’ adding elsewhere that it ‘took about three and a half hours to put on! It was awful’.