horror makeup: the Buffyverse – Halfrek

The Buffyverse – Halfrek

Halfrek was a vengeance demon in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

When posing as human she normally went by the name Hallie but when Spike – then still the human would-be poet William – met her in Victorian England she was going by the name Cecily. Her rejection of him setThis set in motion the events that led William to accept comfort from Drusilla and become a vampire.

Halfrek was a long-time associate and sometime friend of Anyanka from when the two had worked together as vegeance demons during the Russian Revolution. However, Halfrek’s raison d’etre differed from Anya’s: whereas Anya was an avenger of scorned women, Halfrek’s ‘thing’ was to exact vengeance for children who have been wronged by their parents or guardians.

The friendship between Anya and Halfrek continued even after Anya ceased to be a vengeance demon. Halfrek died in the episode ‘Selfless’ when Anya thought she was offering to sacrifice her own life and soul to get out of the vengeance demon business for a second time – D’Hoffryn took Halfrek’s instead, reminding Anya never to take the kill when you can take the pain.

The makeup

The vampire designs evolved from concepts designs created by the Burman Studios. Until 2002 Harlow FX created the makeup effects with Todd McIntosh as makeup supervisor. Robert Hall (Almost Human) was then (seasons 6 & 7) in charge of the makeup effects with Dayne Johnson as makeup supervisor.