updated: 26/11/2008

demon makeups: Hellbound: Hellraiser II

The Hellraiser franchise peaked with Hellbound and has been going downhill ever since. Nut the cenobites remain one of the great ideas of the horror genre. This is Barbie Wilde as the female cenobite from Hellbound: Hellraiser II, replacing Grace Kirby who played the role in Hellraiser.

I am grateful to Barbie Wilde for sending me a scan of a David Bailey portrait of her – the ‘before’ image above. She described the makeup for the role:

I had to have a full head cast made which was an unsettling experience as my entire head was slathered in goop and then covered with plaster of Paris bandages. I panicked a bit but the make-up guys were great and convinced me that I wasn’t going to suffocate … It took four hours for the makeup and a half an hour to get into the costume, which was originally made for Grace Kirby, the first Female Cenobite, so it was a bit uncomfortable. She had problem with her back and the costume was designed around it. So when I was laced into it, I was twisted into her shape… I had a skull cap to cover my hair and then prosthetic pieces were glued to my head, nose and throat. The Cenobite jewelry was then attached to the nose and throat pieces.

Her first day on the set was truly ‘hellish’: her plane from the USA was delayed by twenty-four hours and she ended up being driven straight from Heathrow to the waiting makeup chair at Pinewood Studios.

But the cenobites were not the only special feature of the early Hellraiser movies: a quite incredible range of British makeup artists worked on the first three movies in particular: the links below will indicate how some have moved on since.

Geoff Portass was special makeup effects designer; Bob Keen was special makeup effects consultant; the special makeup technicians were: Little John, Simon Sayce, Cliff Wallace, William Petty, Stuart Conran, Beverley Pond-Jones, Mark Coulier, Arlind Junkerman, Roger Walker & Steve Hardie (as Steve Hardy); the special makeup effects crew were: Allan Burne, Neill Gorton, Alan Hedgcock, Paul Jones (as Paul “Squiffy” Jones), Andy Lovatt, Alistair McPherson, Mike Moustafi, Steve Painter (as Steven Painter), Mark Roberts, Gary Ryan & Warwick Sayce; special makeup effects engineers were: Paul Knowles, Steve Cullane & Dave Keen (as David Keen). Straight makeup and hair were handled by: Aileen Seaton as chief makeup artist and Heather Jones as chief hairdresser.