horror: demons & succubi

The Devil
Good Omens
I Am Fear
But Deliver Us from Evil
Kiss the Devil in the Dark
Friend Request
Fire City
Painted Skin: The Resurrection
Silent Hill: Revelation
Red Ice
Night of the Demons
Painted Skin
Killer Pad
Hellboy 2
The Slaughter
Saint Sinner
Bloody Mallory
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Kathy
‘Fallen Angel’
Night of the Demons III
Night of the Demons 2
The Unnamable Returns
Greek Myths
‘The Gorgon’
Tales from the Darkside
The Unnamable
Night of the Demons
Dèmoni 2
The Gorgon
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Horror makeups: Demons & succubi

Here you will find actresses in makeup playing various supernatural beings such as demonss & succubi. A few are good but most are unpleasant, if not downright evil; some are strangely beautiful – at least on the surface, but perhaps not all the way down – but most are hideous.

It is sometimes a fairly arbitrary decision whether to classify a character as a demon or as demonicallly possessed.