horror: Angel – Jhiera

Angel: Jhiera

In the episode ‘She’ Jhiera (Ling Bai) in Los Angeles to save the enslaved women from her dimension by providing refuge for young Oden Tal women who have escaped to Earth.

Angel helps her to defeat a force from Oden Tal that would have stopped her refugee operation. They were attracted to each other but clashed because of Jhiera’s willingness willing to let innocent Earth people get killed rather than jeopardise her mission – for Angel this was a line which he was not prepared to allow being crossed.

The makeup

Dayne Johnson was the makeup department head.

Angel was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Makeup for a Series for the episode ‘The Ring’. The nominees were: Dayne Johnson (makeup department head), David DeLeon, Louis Lazzara, Steve LaPorte, Rick Stratton, Jill Rockow, Toby Lamm, Jeremy Swan, Steve Prouty, Earl Ellis, Dalia Dokter, & Robert Maverick.