horror: Scary MoVie

Scary MoVie

The Scary Movie franchise has just kept getting weaker since the Wayans brothers departed and the latest offering dispenses with a storyline in favour of a series of sketches parodying – I speak loosely – scenes from a group of movies including Mama and The Evil Dead. One review called it: ‘a reprehensible excuse of a comedy and should barely be considered a film since it’s of the most piss poor quality’.

In one sequence Jody and Kendra try to lift a curse and discover that the solution to their problems lies in the mysterious Book of the Dead – which is, of course, hidden in the cellar of a cabin in the woods. When they find the book they try reading the spell out loud oblivious to its effect on five friends, including Mia (Sarah Hyland), continuously becoming possessed and reviving in the cabin above them.

The makeup

Leigh Ann Yandle was the makeup department head; Ariane Turner was the key makeup artist; Gary J Tunnicliffe (Two Hours in the Dark) was the special makeup effects designer.