horror: Daybreakers – the makeup

Daybreakers (makeup application)

A plague strikes earth and transforms most humans into vampires. Ten years after the Outbreak only 5% of the population is human and the vampires are facing a dwindling and rationed food supply. But vampires deprived of an adequate blood supply are themselves evolving into feral subsiders that attack anyone and anything in order to survive.

The vampiric owner of a pharmaceutical firm working on blood-replacement products wants his vampire-hating, still-human daughter Alison (Isabel Lucas) turned into a vampire so that he can be with her forever.

However, when she is turned Alison transforms into a subsider and is then rounded up by vampire policemen. Chained to other subsiders, she is dragged into the sunlight.

The makeup

Kym Sainsbury was the head of makeup, hair & prosthetics (Weta Workshop); Steve Boyle was the creative project designer & supervisor; Samantha Lyttle was the co-supervisor & prosthetics cp-ordinator; Richard Taylor (Weta Workshop) was the designer & effects supervisor; Frances Richardson was the makeup effects department head.