horror makeup: Fright Night

Fright Night

Charley Brewster is addicted to late-night horror movies. So when he believes that his new neightbour, Jerry Dandrige, is a vampire no one believes him – not his mother, nor his best friend, nor his girlfriend Amy (Amanda Bearse). But unfortunately Charley is right. In desperation Charley seeks the help of Peter Vincent his favourite vampire killer, Peter Vincent, but Peter Vincent just hosts late night horror movies on TV – he doesn’t really believe that vampires exist. Then Charley finds himself locked in a room with Amy who has been transformed into a half-vampire – and just needs a little drink to complete the process.

The makeup

Ken Diaz was the makeup artist; Rick Stratton was credited for additional makeup.

As I recall the final stage transformation makeup was not intended to be filmed in closeup – if so it stands up on blu-ray pretty well. The makeup may also have been worn by a double rather than Amanda Bearse.