witch makeups: Snow White: a Tale of Terror

Snow White: a Tale of Terror

Little Lilliana Hoffman loses her mother in a tragic accident and her father later marries the apparently beautiful lady Claudia (Sigourney Weaver). But all is not as it seems with Claudia – especially not Claudia’s wardrobe.

As Lilly grows up Claudia definitely does not like the competition in the beauty stakes in this dark adaptation of the tale which IMDb describes as ‘grimmer than Grimm’.

Sigourney Weaver underwent a heavy prosthetic makeup to become the old crone with the lovely red apple. Claudia’s true, aged face was also revealed but only in a dark scene lit by fire-light.

The makeup

Nick Dudman designed the prosthetic makeup effects; Anne Brodie was key makeup artist; Linda DeVetta was Sigourney Weaver’s makeup artist; Michelle Taylor was makeup effects artist; Sigourney’s teeth were by FangsFX.