witch makeups: Stardust – Empusa & Mormo

Stardust – Lamia

Love is blind – if not downright stupid in this case: Tristan loves Victoria, the prettiest girl in the strange Wall Village, even though she is grasping and self-centred; when she demands a newly fallen star for her birthday as a condition for agreeing to marry him he takes her at her word rather than realising she just wants him out of the way; he finds his star is actually a beautiful, immortal and spirited woman called Yvaine, but he is still determined to deliver her to Victoria on a silver chain.

Unfortunately, Tristan is not the only one seeking the star: the surviving sons of the King are looking for her because only the jewel that she wears can secure the throne for one of them; one of them also discovers that eating her heart would give him immortality; and Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer), Empusa (Sarah Alexander) and Mormo (Joanna Scanlan), three ancient witches known as the Lilim, also want her heart to enable them to recover recover their long-lost youth and beauty.

The Lilim draw lots, and use their last star fragment to temporarily rejuvenate Lamia so that she can pursue Yvaine. Unfortunately, every time she uses her magical powers she ages.

The cross-dressing sky-pirate Captain Shakespeare (Robert de Niro) steals the show.

The makeup

Fae Hammond was the hair & makeup designer; Nik Williams (Animated Extras) was the prosthetic makeup designer; Stuart Bray, Barrie Gower (BGFX), Duncan Jarman & Matthew Smith were the key prosthetic makeup artists; Ronnie Specter was Michelle Pfeiffer’s makeup artist.

Barrie Gower sculpted Lamia’s prosthetics and they were applied by Barrie along with Nik Williams and Stuart Bray.