British Academy Cymru Awards

BAFTA Cymru Awards 2017

Each year BAFTA Cymru holds its Film, TV and New Media Awards ceremony to honour the best in 32 different categories covering, craft production and performance.

BAFTA Cymru announced the winners of the British Academy Cymru Awards on 08 October 2017.

The award for Best Makeup & Hair/ Coluro a Gwallt went to:
Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Claire Pritchard-Jones.

Previous Awards

2015–Best Makeup / Y Coluro Gorau:
Set Fire to the Stars
Andrea Dowsdall-Goddard.

2013–Best Makeup / Y Coluro Gorau:
Claire Pritchard-Jones.

2012–Best Makeup / Y Coluro Gorau:
Sherlock Series 2
Meinir Jones-Lewis.

2011–Best Makeup / Y Coluro Gorau:
Jo Evans.

2011–Best Makeup / Y Coluro Gorau:
Sherlock ‘The Great Game’
Claire Pritchard.

2010–Best Makeup / Y Coluro Gorau:
Doctor Who ‘The End of Time Part One’
Barbara Southcott.

2009–Best Makeup / Y Coluro Gorau:
Martha, Jac a Sianco
Stephen Williams.

2007–Best Makeup
Doctor Who ‘The Shakespeare Code’
Barbara Southcott & Neill Gorton (Millennium FX).

2006–Best Makeup
Doctor Who: ‘The Girl In the Fireplace’
Sheelagh Wells & Neill Gorton.

2005–Best Makeup
Doctor Who
Davy Jones & Neil Gorton.

2004–Best Makeup
Carrie’s War
Norma Webb.

2003–Best Makeup

2002–Best Makeup
Meinir Jones Lewis.

2001–Best Makeup
Y Stafell Ddirgel
Magi Vaughan.

2000–Best Makeup
Yr Aduniad
John Munro.

1999–Best Makeup
Tair Chwaer
Paula Price.

1998–Best Makeup
Tair Chwaer
Paula Price.

1997–Best Makeup
Y Palmant Aur
Ann Marie.

1996 Best Makeup
Ac Eto Nid Myfi
John Munro.

1995–Best Makeup
Ymadawiad Arthur
Derek Lloyd.

1994–Best Makeup
Pelydr X
John Munro & Ros Wilkins.

1993–Best Makeup
Marina Monios.

1992–Best Makeup
Un Nos Ola Leuad
Marina Monios.

1991–Best Makeup
Morphine And Dolly Mixtures
Janet Church.