The Gemini Awards

Canadian Screen Awards

The Genie Awards have, from 2013, been replaced by the Canadian Screen Awards which combine both Feature Film and Television categories.

26th Gemini Awards

The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television has announced the winners of the 26th Annual Gemini Awards, recognising the year’s best in Canadian English-language television.

The Gemini Award for Best Achievement in Makeup was won by:
The Pillars of the Earth [Regan Hamleigh & Empress Matilda]
Colleen Quinton.

Past Gemini Awards

25th Gemini Awards:
Durham County ‘Surviving the Fall’
Eva Coudouloux & Adrien Morot.

24th Gemini Awards:
Stargate Atlantis ‘Vegas’
Todd Masters, Leah Ehman, Holland Miller, Brad Proctor, & Kyla Rose Tremblay.

23rd Gemini Awards
’da Kink In My Hair ‘Di Heart of Di Matter’
Shauna Llewellyn & Ryan Reed.

22nd Gemini Awards
Prank Patrol
CJ Goldman.

21st Gemini Awards
Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story
Paula Fleet, Jane Meade & Donald J Mowat.

20th Gemini Awards
The Eleventh Hour
Marilyn O’Quinn.

19th Gemini Awards
Elizabeth Rex
Mary Monforte, Debra Johnson & Gerry Altenburg.

18th Gemini Awards
This Hour Has 22 Minutes (Season 10)
Karen Byers & Penny Lee.

17th Gemini Awards
Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda
Francesca von Zimmermann & Ryan Nicholson.

16th Gemini Awards
Island of Shadows
Joel Echallier, Celine Godeau & Dorota Ergetowski.

15th Gemini Awards
Peter Benchley’s Amazon
Pip Ayotte, Marlene Aarons & Jocelyn MacDonald.

14th Gemini Awards
Big Bear
Pierre Saindon.