themakeupgallery wants list

The latest additions

The End: any images of Harriet Walter. (IMDB)

La lista de los deseos: any images of María Léon. (IMDb)

Indivisibili: any information on the makeup. (IMDb)

Wunderschön: any images. (IMDb)

Rub & Tug: any information as to whether this project is dead or alive. (IMDb)

The Moon and the Sun: any images of Bingbing Fan. (IMDb)

The Witches: Any images of Anne Hathaway as the Grand High Witch. (IMDb)

Other recent & forthcoming stuff

Die Pilgerin: Any images of Josefine Preuß. (IMDb)

Painted Skin 3: Any news of this forthcoming movie. (IMDb)

Kein Entkommen: Any images of Anja Kling. (IMDb)

Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This: Any images of Jacinta Mulcahy as the Queen. (IMDb)

Invisible Monsters: Any news of this project. (IMDb)

Missing in Action

Callas: Eva Green as Maria Callas. Still ‘in development’? (IMDb)

Body Art: Any information on this supposedly forthcoming Isabelle Huppert movie – development hell? (IMDb)

Greek Fire: Any information on this project with Eva Mendes as Maria Callas. Development hell? Lost out to Callas (see above) or the same movie with resurrected? (IMDb)

Beautiful Girl: Any information on this production which features a ‘shy but brainy high school girl who returns for senior year after having slimmed down six dress sizes’. (IMDb)

Fatten Her: Any information on this forthcoming movie in which Pinky (Francesca Prandi) needs to fatten up to fulfill her grandfather’s dream and marry in the family’s ‘plus-size’ wedding dress. Did this die?

Heaven and Earth aka James Miranda Barry: Any information on the status of this much-delayed movie about Dr James Barry; at one time Rachel Weisz was attached.

Uglies: Any information. Deceased? (IMDb)

10a/10b: Any information on this rumoured remake of the brilliant 301/302 featuring Marisa Tomei and Liv Tyler – dead?. (IMDb)

Ugly Me: Any information on this proposed Mark Johnson remake of Pretendiendo. (IMDb)

Bride of Frankenstein: Any info on this project – supposedly: ‘They're looking for a person with great power and sex appeal. Someone along the lines of Scarlett Johansson or Anne Hathaway.’ Deceased? (IMDb)

Old stuff & really old stuff

Dragonfly: Any images of a bald Alison Lohman from her deleted scenes.

Man to Man: Any images of Tilda Swinton as Ella and Max. (IMDb).

The Big Experiment: Any images from this New Zealand in-your-shoes-type show or from its Danish version (Med andre øjne). Also any information on any versions of the franchise – Distraction, who distribute it, claim to have sold it to Nordisk for other Scandinavian versions following the success of the Danish version, and have claimed sales for an Italian version and to TF1 for a French version (La Grande Expérience?). (Distraction website)

Scarab: Any images of Pilar Alcón as the witch who transforms into a sow thanks to a five-hour makeup application. (IMDb)

Return To Babylon: Any images of Jennifer Tilly as Clara Bow and Laura Harring as Alla Nazimova. (IMDb)

Tatawo / Tattoo Bar: Any images of, or information on, Mercedes Ortega’s extensive fake tattoos. (IMDb)

Mrs In-Betweeny: Any information on the credits for Amelia Bullmore’s prosthetic appendage. (IMDb)

Rapados: Macarena Gómez as a skinhead (IMDb).

Esquire: Beverly D’Angelo photoshoot from the January 1988 edition featuring her made-up in likeness of Tammy Faye Baker and others.

Life: The Joan Collins photoshoot (October 1985 I believe) featuring Joan as Wallis Simpson and Elizabeth I amongst others.

Lucy and Desi: Frances Fisher as Lucille Ball.

Lucy: Rachel York as Lucille Ball.

Circus Of The Stars: Any of the female clowns.

Anna & The King: Jodie Foster in old-age makeup from the epilogue on the Special Edition DVD.

Alien Love Triangle: I’ve seen one still of a bald, green Heather Graham with pointy ears – does anyone have any news about what’s happened to this? – I’ve recently seen this given a September 2005 release date on some websites.


If you have scanned or captured any of these images please let me have a copy – as large as possible. If you have any of the films on DVD are prepared to lend them to me I will take real good care to send it back to you undamaged.

Perhaps more importantly, if you have any suggestions for movies/TV shows/mini-series that I ought to be looking out please email themakeupgallery; especially regarding movies & TV shows which are not in English as I may not even have heard of them.