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Mein Führer: Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit …

In 1944 a demoralised, drug-addicted Adolf Hitler plays with a toy battleship in his bathtub, dresses his dog in a Nazi uniform and, on the advice of Goebbels, takes acting tips from a Jewish concentration camp inmate to help him inspire the German people to keep fighting.

It took the German film industry fifty years to attempt to make a comedy about Adolf Hitler, and this just proves that the guy was seriously unfunny. While one review referred to this as an ‘off-beat, absurdist fantasy’, another noted that the movie ‘proves that if you aren’t Mel Brooks, you probably can’t make a Holocaust comedy’.

Katja Riemann played Eva Braun.

The makeup

Gregor Eckstein, Jeannette Latzelsberger & Dörte Eben were the makeup artists; Gregor Eckstein was also responsible for the special makeup effects.