look-alikes: consorts, concubines & mistresses

Cherie Blair
Camilla Parker-Bowles
Evita Peron
Lady Randolph Churchill
Lillie Langtry

Look-alike makeups: Consorts & concubines

Royal wannabes might be an accurate description for most if not all of them. Some of them made it; one of them famously got the man but not the crown; others never made it beyond mistress.

Wallis Simpson never got to be officially royal so I’ve included her here. She has been a leading or minor character in: W.E.; Any Human Heart; Wallis And Edward; Edward and Mrs Simpson; The Woman He Loved; Bertie And Elizabeth.

I guess Camilla doesn’t really belong here anymore.

Appearance here does not indicate any approval on my part of the real person’s actions, politics, lifestyle or values.