look-alikes: Any Human Heart

Any Human Heart: Wallis Simpson

In France retired Novelist Logan Mountstuart looks back on his life from 1920s Paris to 1980s London – by way of Spain during the Civil War, a wartime Swiss prison cell and 1950s New York – and on his wives and lovers and other the people he has known (including Ernest Hemingway, Ian Fleming, the Baader-Meinhof gang, and the Duchess of Windsor).

In the 1930s he met – as one does – the Prince Of Wales and Wallis Simpson (Gillian Anderson) on a golf course. During the War he was recruited to Naval Intelligence and found himself in the Bahamas spying on the Duke and Duchess of Windsor whose loyalty was in doubt; initially accepted by them they rejected him after he refused to help implicate an innocent man in the murder of his wealthy father-in-law.

Years later at a reception in 1950s New York the Duchess showed that she had neither forgotten nor forgiven his ‘treachery’.

The makeup

Karen Hartley-Thomas was the makeup & hair designer; Lois McIntosh was the makeup & hair supervisor; Neill Gorton (MillenniumFX) was the special makeup effects designer.