Look-alikes: celebrities & icons

Oprah Winfrey
Mary Whitehouse
Donatella Versace
Rosa Parks
Bettie Page
Gala Dali
Amelia Earhart
Zelda Fitzgerald
TV cooks

Look-alike makeups: Celebrities & icons

A selection of celebrity impersonations. We remember the faces if not always the deeds – if there were any.

These people are, or were, primarily famous for being famous: Paris Hilton is probably the archetype. If they actually did something you’ll probably find them elsewhere in the look-alike section: politicos; bad girls; saints and wonder-workers.

However, there are some women who achieved iconic status through their work or the way they lived their lives. So there is no intent to disparage those, like Simone de Beauvoir, who achieved iconic status in this way by including them here.

This site is about the movie makeup, so please do not look here for a considered and objective judgement on these people – occasional vicious asides are as good as it gets. In the main, an icon is an icon: I make no distinction between substance and style.