look-alikes: The Queen ‘The Rivals’

The Queen ‘The Rivals’

The Queen was a really turgid five-part mini-series about Queen Elizabeth II: from the relationship between the Queen and Princess Margaret during the Peter Townsend affair in the 1950s through to the rehabilitation of Camilla.

The five episodes had very little continuity which was made worse by having the Queen played by a different actress in each episode with little attempt – or possibly little budget – to achieve any resemblance to each other or to the queen beyond the wigs. It seemed particularly pointless to have the queen during the period 1986 to around 2000 portrayed by three actresses varying in age by only four years – with the eldest actress playing the youngest version of the queen.

The third episode, appropriately titled ‘The Rivals’ focused on the relationship between the Queen and Margaret Thatcher (Lesley Manville) while the latter was Prime Minister in the 1980s.

The makeup

Jutta Russell was the makeup designer.