look-alikes: portrayals of Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, (born 1925) is a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who served from 1979 to 1990. She was an MP from 1959 until 1992 and is famous for: stopping free school milk in the 1960s; her close alignment with the USA in the Cold War; her role in the Falklands confict; her conflict with ‘Europe’; the Poll Tax; the privatisation of public services; and her disputes with the trade unions.

If asked to name a female British politician and most people would probably answer Margaret Thatcher.

The movies & TV shows

Charity calendar photoshoot (2015): Simona Stašová portrayed Margaret Thatcher. Makeup credits unknown.

National Theatre Live: The Audience (2013): For over sixty years, Queen Elizabeth II has met each of her Prime Ministers in a weekly audience where both parties have an unspoken agreement never to repeat what is said. Haydn Gwynne portrayed Margaret Thatcher. Makeup credits unknown.

Coup! (2006): Oh dear Mark’s in trouble again, hoping to make a fast buck with a bit of private-initiative regime change. The lady Thatcher (Caroline Blakiston) of today is portrayed as embittered and alcoholic. I don’t have the makeup credits for this TV show: if anyone can help, please email themakeupgallery.

Pinochet in Suburbia (2006): In 1998 former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet visited Britain for medical treatment and found himself under house arrest, much to the shock and horror of his former ally and soul-mate lady Thatcher (Anna Massey). I don’t have the makeup credits for this TV show: if anyone can help, please email themakeupgallery.

The Line of Beauty (2007): A story about love, class, sex and money in the Thatcherite Eighties so some of the unlovely Yuppies get to dance with Mrs Thatcher (Kika Markham). Christine Walmesley-Cotham was hair & makeup designer (as she was for the recent Margaret).

Back in Business (2007): The British film industry can make truly awful films as witnessed by this ‘comedy’ where a set of unlikely heroes try to put the ‘Great’ back into Great Britain with an amazing space exploration buggy. Margaret Thatcher (played by celebrity impersonator Caroline Bernstein) makes a very brief appearance. Jeanette Freeman was key makeup artist.

The Comic Strip Presents – ‘Red Nose of Courage’ (1992): Bozo the Clown gets into politics and becomes Prime Minister John Major: no wonder Mrs Thatcher (Jennifer Saunders) doesn’t look amused. Magdalen Gaffney & Stephen Rose were responsible for hair & makeup.